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Currently, I am a postoctoral researcher at the University of Rostock with the chair of Visual Computing.
My PhD thesis written at the chair of Computer Graphics dealt with Illustrative Informationvisualization:

Abstract: Information visualization is an important approach to analyze large mounds of data. But due to their increasing size and complexity it becomes harder to interpret the provided visual representations. In addition it becomes difficult to present the information appropriately, that is specifically important for the user.

For some time, illustration, which is an application of non-photorealistic rendering, deals with an enhanced communication of important image information. It is the objective of the present work to integrate such illustrative approaches into visualization techniques used in information visualization. For this purpose, both fields are systemized and a theoretical foundation of their concatenation – an illustrative information visualization – is created. Based on the resulting theoretical model, important illustrative approaches are adapted and enhanced to fit different information visualization techniques. Moreover, they are demonstrated by applying them to specific problems. The examined illustrative techniques are halftoning, exploded views, ghosted views, hatching, stippling, haloing, watercolor simulation, strokes and labeling methods. The according illustrative approaches developed within this thesis enhance the communication of depicted information within different visualization techniques of information visualization.

research interests
  • Visual Computing
    • Camera callibration
    • Callibration errors
    • Scene and model registration
    • Postprocessing
    • Parameter-dependency
  • Visualization
    • Visualization of movement data
    • Visualization of spatio-temporal data
    • Visualization of time-oriented data
    • Visualization of multi-variate data
    • Visualization of uncertain and error data
    • Visualization of parameter dependent data
  • Human Computer Interaction
    • Gaze-based rendering / interaction
    • Visualization on interactive displays
    • Visual exploration on large high-resolution displays
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updated: 14.07.2015