The chairs of Visual Computing and Computer Graphics are concerned with all kinds of computer-based methods to deal with visual information. These methods include means to generate realistic images, to process image data, and to analyze data via visual representations.

Chair of Visual Computing

Digital displays are omnipresent in our everyday lives. We are used to operate high-resolution mobile phones, navigation systems, and television sets on a regular basis. Yet, the development of modern display methods and interaction techniques is not at all trivial. Our research focuses particularly on large displays. We investigate approaches that improve visual communication in terms of technical issues as well as questions of service quality. Our current research topics are:

  • Virtual reality and real-time computer graphics
  • High-resolution displays and display walls
  • Telepresence
  • 3D tracking and interaction
  • Depth cameras and depth images
  • Visual saliency and gaze prediction
  • Augmented reality in aerospace applications

Chair of Computer Graphics

In all areas of our daily lives we are confronted with data and the information contained therein. Our research investigates new methods allowing humans to deal with large and complex data more easily. For us, visualization, that is the communication of relevant information via visual representations, plays a key role. Analytical approaches and intuitive interaction with the machine are just as important in our research. Our current topics include:

  • Visual analytics
  • Visualization of spatio-temporal data
  • Graph visualization
  • Scalable visual interfaces
  • Visualization in smart environments
  • Visualization design and applications
  • Terrain rendering