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    Date: June 04 2019

Student Projects and Theses

Looking for a topic for your project or thesis? We offer interesting topics in the key areas of our research. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us directly, we'll gladly discuss the details with you.

In order to enroll for a topic, students and we have to fill in an enrollment form. Students in the master's program Visual Computing use this »form«. Other students need forms from their corresponding program.


  • Visualization of multivariate data
  • Visualization of spatio-temporal data
  • Graph visualization
  • Novel interaction techniques
  • Visualization on interactive displays
  • Visualization in heterogeneous display environments
  • Data structures and algorithms for visualization
  • User studies

Visual Computing

  • 3D reconstruction
  • Depth image fusion
  • Calibration of depth cameras
  • Interaction for large high-resolution displays
  • Controller- and gesture-based interaction
  • User tracking
  • Image processing and enhancement
  • Tesselation and deformable models


  • Procedural modeling
  • Simulation of erosion
  • Multi-resolution editing
  • Novel interactive modeling tools
  • Scalable rendering
  • Rendering in safety-critical environments
  • Shadows and shading
  • Special effects

Your Own Idea

If you have an interesting research question you would like to study, talk to us and we will help you shape a fitting topic for your project or thesis.

Important Advice

Students are strongly advised to read the »Student How To« and to follow the guidelines given therein!

Available Projects and Theses

MAMaster's thesis, BABachelor's thesis, SPSoftware project, LPLiterature project

Eine Nachrichtenschnittstelle zur visuellen Koordination mehrerer VisualisierungswerkzeugeMA
Grafische Auswertung von AnnotationenMA
Linsentechniken für die Visualisierung von Daten und Unsicherheiten im GeländeMA
Präzise Interaktion mit Schiebereglern auf multiplen SkalenMA
Subraum-Statistiken für NavigationsempfehlungenMA
Untersuchung von Beleuchtungsmodellen zur Kommunikation der Topographie im 3D GeländeMA
Visuelles Vergleichen von multivariaten GraphenMA
Probeless Illumination for Mobile ARMA
Automatic Alignment of 3D Objects in ARMA
Abstraktion von Geländedarstellungen mittels 3D Iso-KontourenBA
Dynamische Anpassung von Node-Link Layouts zur Hervorhebung von ÄhnlichkeitenBA
Graphische Eingabe von Annotationen in DatentabellenBA
Integration von Datenherkunft und ZeitreihenvisualisierungBA
Lokal-adaptive Dickenmessung von NetzhautschichtenBA
Visualisierung von Trends und Ausreißern durch BinningBA
Monocular 3D Dense ReconstructionSP
Snapping AR Objects to RealitySP
Photorealistic Rendering in ARLP
Alignment of 3D Objects in ARLP

Projects and Theses in Progress

MAMaster's thesis, BABachelor's thesis, SPSoftware project, LPLiterature project

Eigenschaften von Annotationen in der visuellen DatenanalyseLPLobna Ben Hadj Sghaier01.12.19
Unterstützung der interaktiven Exploration großer SchiffsmodelleBAPaul Lahne11.11.19
Photorealistic Rendering in ARLPMaik Mangold29.10.19
Evaluation of different ordering strategies for visualizing parameter-dependent time series dataMAKhaled Alhayek21.10.19
Exploratives Lernen am Beispiel von VR-Simulationen zum Erwerb von Handlungskompetenz in der Bedienung, Wartung und Instandsetzung komplexer Anlagen und SystemeBAAntonia Deppe18.10.19