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Master Visual Computing

Research questions related to Visual Computing are among the most exciting topics in computer science. The chairs Visual Computing and Visual Analytics offer comprehensive and profound insight into the visual world of computers. Starting with the winter term 2014/2015 there will be new and revised program regulations for the master's program Visual Computing. A new module system and new regulations for exams will bring many improvements for the students and the teachers.


Visual Computing covers the areas of image acquisition, image analysis, and image synthesis. Visual information plays an important role in many fields of application. Complex geometric or abstract models are visualized, for example, in natural sciences, engineering, bio-informatics, or medicine. Moreover, images are used as effective interfaces between the human and the machine. Application scenarios include information systems, simulation systems, interactive data analysis, user interface design, virtual reality, digital product cycles, and media.

The goal of the program is to build upon basic knowledge in math, computer science, and natural sciences, and to convey knowledge in advanced topics of computer science, especially in computer graphics, and image processing. The students learn to identify and comprehend scientific questions in visual computing, as well as to systematically develop solutions to these questions. This way they actively contribute to the advancement of visual computing as a field.


The modules of the master program Visual Computing are structured into the following key topics:

  • Visual computing (24 CP)
  • Fundamentals of computer science (12 CP)
  • Overview of computer science (18 CP)
  • Applications and non-technical studies (12 CP)

There are only a few mandatory modules (introduction to visual computing, research areas in computer science, literature project, and software project). To further accumulate the required credit points, students are free to choose from all other modules in the above topic areas according to their preferences.

The master's thesis is to be written in the 4th semester, which ends with the defense of the thesis.


Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Duration and Enrollment

The duration of the program is 4 semesters. Students can enroll for the winter term as well as for the summer term.


There are a few requirements that you need to fulfill for the program:

  • Graduation as bachelor or equal or better qualification in computer science or a related field (30 CP in computer science and 18 CP in mathematics)
  • English language at level B2 of CEFR or German Abitur
  • German language at level B2 of CEFR


Dr.-Ing. Bernd Karstens
bernd.karstens [ät]
+49 (381) 498 +49 (381) 498 7483
A.-Einstein-Str. 22, R. 369

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