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The chairs of Visual Computing and Visual Analytics are frequently looking for talented individuals. As part of the Institute for Visual & Analytic Computing Institute, we offer a friendly, helpful, team-oriented, and inclusive work environment with a highly motivated faculty. On this page, you can find current announcements. For information on upcoming opportunities, please contact us directly. We expect a master’s degree in computer science or any related area, and experience in one of the fields: computer graphics, virtual reality, visualisation, or visual analytics. Applicants should normally aim for a PhD, applicants with a PhD should aim for a scientific carreer.

Research Assistant in Mixed Reality/Immersive Analytics

PhD or PostDoc Position

3 years, option of a 3-year extension

Chair of Visual Analytics

Research Assistant in Mixed Reality/Immersive Analytics

We are looking for applicants with an interest in and knowledge of mixed reality who would like to contribute to research projects on the topic of immersive analytics, in which we develop new visual interfaces for data exploration in extended reality environments using state-of-the-art hardware. Within this scope, there is considerable freedom for the individual design of the doctoral or postdoctoral project. Possible research topics include, for example:

  • Visual storytelling and narrative visualization in immersive environments
  • AI-supported approaches for intelligent XR user interfaces
  • Scalable visualization methods for real-time applications
  • Data democratization/inclusive data visualization
  • Deadline: Apr 8, 2024