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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll? What are the regulations for exams? Questions like these are asked frequently. Here we try to answer to the questions regularly asked by our students.
How can I succeed in my studies?
Students are also strongly advised to read the Student How To. Follow the advice given therein will help you to succeed.
How can I enroll?
Contact the student office and they will assist you.
I cannot attend an exam due to illness. What do I have to do?
Contact the examiner as soon as possible. Go to the doctor and get a certificate. Deliver the certificate to the student office.
The deadline for submitting my work is on a weekend or a holiday. When do I have to submit?
The simple answer is to submit the next working day, that is, the Monday after a weekend or the working day following a holiday.
How many copies of my bachelor's or master's thesis am I supposed to submit?
You have to submit at least 3 copies, one for the primary examiner, one for the secondary examiner, and one copy is for the library. You are free to deliver additional copies, for example, for your direct mentor.
I'm stuck with my project or my thesis. I don't know how to proceed. What can I do?
Mastering a project or thesis can be a hard job. If you encounter any difficulties, please, contact your mentor immediately. They'll be glad to assist you in getting back on track.