• Defense of Dissertation Tariqul Islam on Aug 15 10:00am, KZH Room 001
    Date: Aug 08 2019
  • The VMV 2019 symposium will take place Sep, 30 - Oct, 10 in Rostock.
    Date: Mar 13 2019
  • VCG since June 01 is part of the new Institut VAC
    Date: June 04 2019


We offer a series of lectures and seminars on a wide variety of topics related to Visual Computing and Computer Graphics. In projects, the students can practically apply what they have learned and strengthen writing and presentation skills.

Winter Term 2019

Modules Master Visual Computing

Announce of modules on start of the current semester
  • Einführung in Visual Computing
  • Computergraphik
  • Computer Vision
  • Virtual Reality
  • Visualisierung abstrakter Daten
  • Informationsdarstellung
  • Modellierung und Rendering
  • Graphische Benutzungsoberflächen
  • Interaktion Engineering
  • Multimedidia Communication
  • Aspects of Visual Computing
  • Elective Topics in Computer Science

Seminars (Bachelor)

  • Aufbereitung und Auswertung komplexer Daten
  • Vortragsseminar Medien und Gestaltung
  • Vortragsseminar Graphikschnittstellen
  • Vortragsseminar Computeranimation und Spezialeffekte

Projects and Theses

  • Literature project
  • Software project
  • Bachelor's thesis
  • Master's thesis
Topics for projects and theses are arranged individually. Current topics are related to...

Subsidary Subjects

  • Informatik I: Einführung in die Programmierung
  • Informatik II: Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen

Further education

  • Informationsdarstellung